Meet your Spring Fling Emcees

Junior Emcees

Kamera Lavenia Mason

The wonderful Kamera Mason is a McElderry Park resident and student at Henderson Hopkins Elementary/ Middle School. Her many talents include singing, dancing, and making you smile. Currently, Kamera is also playing the flute … Continue reading

Creative Corner

Nobody Greater

By Willard Brewington AKA The Gospel Poet

I’ve been all over, up and down life’s highway
There were times I said, I’m gonna die today.
But Lord, you saved me, yes Lord, you saved me
Because nobody’s greater than thee.
I was addicted to … Continue reading

How to Change the Story of a Community

By Gerad Forte, Video LAB

There’s this weird thing that scientist in laboratories experience. They call it the “Observer Effect.” Which is a fancy way of saying that when you look at something closely, just by looking at it, the thing that you are looking at changes.

Sounds shady. But … Continue reading