Playground Rebuild Moves Forward

By Beth Myers-Edwards

As of the beginning of the year, the initiative to rebuild the Tench Tilghman Playground has moved into hyperspeed. We’re excited to report that we’ve taken all of the design and equipment concepts, ideas and suggestions residents and stakeholders submitted and integrated them into one draft design. We’d like to thank Hord, Coplan and Macht for their pro-bono support in creating the graphic for us to share! We’ve also been communicating with funders that could result in us having a new first phase of a new playground installed as early as June of this year! The time has come for you to get involved if you’d like to see this initiative more forward successfully. We’ll be looking for residents and stakeholders to play a role in the planning committee and several subcommittees which include community engagement, youth engagement, recruitment, fundraising, food, logistics, safety and maintenance and public relations. Despite the outside financial support, the community will need to make a contribution to the cost of the project. In order to reach fundraising goals, we are pre-selling t-shirts (see design), we built a crowd funding website and will be hosting fundraising events. Stay tuned for more information and order your t-shirt today! We’re also looking for people to participate in build workshops to finalize our design and more than 150 volunteers to assist with the actual build day. Call Beth at (410) 585-8810 or email to sign up for a committee, design workshop, build day or to purchase a t-shirt. Support the effort by pledging to the crowdfunding campaign at


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Playground Site Concept drawing by Hord Coplan Macht

Playground Site Concept drawing by Hord Coplan Macht

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