McElderry Park Basketball Team Wins Championship

We in the Mcelderry Park Community have done some great things with our community and the people who live here,but what I most impressed about are the youth who live here with a little bit of guidance can do great things. We have been training youth in Mcelderry Park to play basketball. We've put them in a league and now they have one their first championship. This is Mcelderry Park travel team who have tried out and now tour the country playing basketball at a high level. A group of 13 -14 year old boys who have come together to strive for success. We don't only teach them basketball but we teach them life skills and we try to get them in better schools. We help them with education and life. Down eleven points in the championship game these young men fought a good fight of faith to overcome the eleven point lead to become champions of the Baltimore elite league beating a strong Baltimore supreme team . We begin our journey for a national championship on March 27th in Norfolk, VA the start of our season. Congratulations young men and may there be many more championships

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