Illegal Trash Dumping in Our Neighborhood

by Melissa Canady

There has been a tremendous amount of illegal trash dumping in our neighborhood especially down by the Amazing Grace Church in the back alley of the 2400 block of McElderry Street . We have a lot of new neighbors who have moved in the neighborhood. They keep putting their trash down by the church every trash day. I have taken it upon myself to go around to the Community Center and ask Mr. Glenn the President for some handouts. He gave me these handouts and I passed them out to the neighbors and they continue to dump their trash down the alley. We don’t have an active Block Captain on our block to go door to door and give out Welcome Packets to these neighbors. I have done all I could do I have called downtown no results have been made. So I am making it public knowledge so that we may resolve this problem as a community. the rats are starting to come back. I would be willing to do my part but we need the whole community to come out to help out. Please, if you would like to help out, go around to the community center to voice your concerns.

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