BCJI Updates & Events

Upcoming Events

McElderry Park Revitalization Coalition (MPRC) - Monthly Meetings
Wednesday, February 18th at 6PM at 611 N. Montford Avenue
Wednesday, March 18th at 6PM at 611 N. Montford Avenue

Block Leader Trainings
Wednesday, February 11th at 6PM Banner Neighborhoods, 2900 E. Fayette St. RSVP required for handouts and refreshments to Beth at (443) 618-2509 or beth.myers@bannerneighborhoods.org

3rd Annual Spring Fling Festival
The 3rd annual Spring Fling with music performances, health fair, cookout, and art exhibits on Amazing Port Street in McElderry Park, will be held April 11th, 2015. Please contact Maya Gaines at (443) 909-1426 between 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday to get involved.

McElderry Park All-Call System
The Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program (BCJI) outreach team is developing a neighborhood "all-call system" so that you can recieve a once-a-week reminder phone call about monthly  community meetings, block leader gatherings, community-wide events, and McElderry Park Star updates. You can join by texting the word "community" to the number 97000 and you can rate this newspaper, the McElderry Park Star, while signing up.

On the Horizon

Measuring Collective Efficacy
Collective efficiacy, a shared belief among community members that by working together, we can make a difference, is a primary focus of the Byrne program.The BCJI outreach team, along with the team of block leaders, will begin measuring community involvement, willingness to get involved/barriers to involvement, the sense of cohesion and trust, and the perception of crime and fear of victimization. The information gathered from surveys and conversations will inform the team and the MPRC as to how to engage new and different residents in coming endeavors.

Sustaining Year 2 Programs
The BCJI Program Manager will be working with each of the Year 2 funded programs to strengthen and sustain their programs around workforce development, cleaning and greening, creating more opportunities for youth, and public safety.

Expansion of Block Leader Infrastructure
The BCJI program aims to support Beth Myers-Edwards of Banner Neighborhoods and the McElderry Park Community Association in expanding and growing the McElderry Park block leader structure.

Strengthening Relationship with the Baltimore Police Department
The December MPRC meeting served as a productive conversation with Major Deron Garrity of the Southeast Police District. A wide variety of topics were discussed, ranging from opportunities to increase the number of foot patrol officers to the long-strained relationship between police officers and communities of color. Along with several other partners, we are working to both create new opportunities and strengthen existing efforts to bridge the divide and find commonalities in purpose between these two separate, but inextricably linked universes.

Year 3 Funding Process
The BCJI Executive Committee and the MPRC are working to develop the Year 3 funding process for the BCJI program. Information sessions and grant-writing trainings will be announced in the near future.

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